Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know. – Keith Raniere

Rational Inquiry®

A key premise of Rational Inquiry® is the fact human beings aren’t born fully cognitive thinkers. In fact, it’s demonstrated most people don’t reach full cognitive ability until early adolescence—somewhere between 12 and 14 years of age. As we develop, we form beliefs about ourselves and the world, often innocently making associations that are inconsistent with reality. These unrefined associations and perceptions, which we call “disintegrations,” are invisible to us, yet they become the foundation of our belief system and thus our self-imposed limitations.

Our technology allows you to uncover, re-examine and integrate these mistaken perceptions. In this sense, it’s a tool for removing errors of cognition and for creating consistency in language, behavior, emotions and thoughts. When these aspects of ourselves conflict, it’s as if we’re driving a sled that’s being pulled by ten dogs—but each dog is pulling in a different direction! Our technology helps you maximize your potential by facilitating physical, emotional and thought cohesiveness, so your vision, strengths and motivation are aligned.



We live in a culture of abundance, which include “self-help” books, seminars, talks and tool, so why is it, then, that so many of us still struggle to achieve our dreams? Simple: it’s the difference between knowing about success and having it. Just like you can’t learn skiing from a book, success requires you to fully engage with yourself, with your emotions, and all your beliefs. It’s easy to say the path to success is “x, y, z,” but how do you apply that to your daily decisions? No one gets up in the morning and says, “today I’m going to sabotage my dreams!” And yet, we continue to make decisions that keep us from achieving what we want.

When you look around, you see people who are living up to their full potential and making their dreams come true. Are they stronger, brighter, or more courageous than you? No. But there is one essential difference: They have found the inner strength that enables them to accomplish what they really want. The Greeks called it “Ethos,” and it is the will within us that transforms our ideas into actions. Ethos, with our guiding beliefs, forms our emotional constitution and the internal force that empowers us to live life to its fullest.

Our “Ethos” program breathes life into empty success teachings, transforming them into powerful tools and a new way of seeing the world. We help you build and fortify your emotional constitution so you make the leap from knowing about success… to actually having it. Tapping into this extraordinary resource—no matter what your level of success—will forever change your life. We make the invisible visible so you can transform your motivation and get the results you want.



We aren’t born with the ability to understand how the world works. At best, we piece together a road map to reality that gets us through life with varying degrees of happiness and success. But have you ever heard the expression: “the map is not the territory”? Similarly, circumstances in the external world are not the key to how rich and meaningful our lives are. It’s our internal world that dictates the quality and substance of our experience, but when in life are we given the tools to navigate this seemingly nebulous realm?

It’s as if we all are born with, and continue to develop, our own operating system, and this operating system is the platform through which we experience everyone and everything. But more often than not, when there are glitches, we seek to download more applications, change the software, or simply get used to the inefficiencies that may at one time have seemed unbearable. Life becomes a series of band-aids and workarounds that allow you to keep going, but the root cause of the issues never gets addressed.

What if, instead, you could understand the nature of your own operating system and know precisely how it works? Such that if there are problems, or inefficiencies, you know exactly what needs to be addressed to resolve it? What if you could be your own programmer and design your internal experience, so that you’re no longer dependent on your external circumstances to have a rich, full, meaningful experience of life?

The Origins program is the path to understanding your own operating system. It offers tools and explorations to help you uncover and overcome whatever keeps you from performing as your highest self. Whether it’s a matter of habit, perception or deeply rooted belief, Origins helps you understand the nature of your beliefs and emotional experience, leading to a wisdom and strength of self that pervades any challenges that come your way. Imagine you could feel that no matter what happens in life, no matter what curve balls are thrown in your direction, your sense of self and inner peace is never threatened? Imagine you could feel resourceful and even joyful in the face of life’s greatest adversities? What is that worth to you?



If you are crossing the Atlantic, would you rather take a ship or fly at the speed of the Concorde? Not everyone desires an accelerated pace, but for those who do, we offer a specially designed intensive program. Our intensives combine the Ethos program’s philosophical and practical foundations with the Origins program’s in-depth emotional explorations, offering an intense and comprehensive journey of self-discovery and success.

The intensive format is ideal for anyone living outside one of our center location areas, with on-going time constraints, or anyone who simply wants to fast-track their path to fulfilling their potential.


Anonymous Questionnaire Results

Intellect:  96% say Ethos has increased their intellectual capacity and performance.

Goals:  92% say Ethos has increased their ability to achieve their goals.

Emotional Capacity:  92% say Ethos has increased their emotional capacity and balance

Unique:  99% report the course material is unique.

Program:  72% say Ethos is the best program they have ever taken.

Course Worth: 100% say Ethos is worth the tuition. 40% say Ethos is so valuable it is beyond direct measurement.



Depending on which of our programs you are in interested in, the investment is anywhere from $67 a week to $42 an hour. Feel free to use the Contact Form to get more information from one of our staff members.