• Incidentally, I took my first ESP course when I was having the best year of my life. But, I realized that no matter how much I achieved, I didn't feel successful on the inside. I cared too much about how people perceived me. After taking ESP's courses, I’ve been able to be true to myself about what I want, and I've made transformations in my career that I always dreamed of, but never thought possible. I had settled for less because I was fearful. Thanks to ESP, I now not only experience more clarity of purpose, but I also have the tools and the drive to reach the goals I set out for myself!

    Enrique Martin-Moreno Carrancedo / Architect
  • As a physician and scientist, my background is in science. I entered into my MD/PhD program with the hopes of learning the tools of science so I could use them to help humanity. It was during my training as an MD/PhD student that I was first introduced to Executive Success Programs. Initially, I was intrigued by the strength of the intellectual content and the philosophical concepts introduced in the model. However, with time, I became even more impressed by the emotional strength I was gaining as the result of these unique and innovative tools.

    Simply put, prior to taking this training, I was scared of experiencing my emotions (and other people who had emotions). You could say I identified very easily with “Spock” from Star Trek. However, as with Spock, this lack of emotionality made for a sterile and frustrating experience of life. I wanted to be emotionally present, but I felt more comfortable coming from a place of intellect and logic. However, (to my great joy!) with this new toolset I was able to craft an ability to have deep emotional experiences AND hone my tools of logic and scientific inquiry together. (It turns out, unlike in Star Trek, emotional strength and logical ability are not mutually exclusive.) As a result, I feel more like a living, breathing, compassionate human being and I think my friends, family and patients experience me this way too. I also gained a greater capacity for scientific investigation, but, in hindsight, this seems like a pleasant side effect.

    Brandon Porter / M.D., Ph.D.
  • Executive Success Programs (ESP) has given me tools that have helped me in so many different areas in my life. One of these areas was actualizing a dream I had for many years: opening my own business!

    In January 2010, Opened My Own Hair Studio In New York City. In October 2012, It Grew To A Full Service Salon. Using The Tools I Learned With NXIVM, I Was Able To Make Decisions That Were Aligned With My Dream Instead Of Giving In To My Fear Of Failure.

    I Recommend ESP To Anyone Who Wants To Make Better, More Meaningful Decisions In Their Life And Who Wants To Get Closer To Their Dreams.

    Cedric Celik / Entrepreneur and Renowned Hair Stylist
  • After taking an ESP Intensive, things dramatically shifted for me. I felt more empowered, as I was no longer reacting to many of the things that I used to react to. The Intensive had a very positive affect on my relationship and on my general outlook of life. I feel like this program is the handbook to life...the one we all wish we had when we were younger. I feel like I now have the tools for success that I've always wanted.

    Ingrid Schaffenburger / Writer
  • I decided to take my first ESP intensive because I wanted to prepare myself to be a father, and I didn't know how to give my child the best opportunity for happiness. After taking the 16 Day Intensive, I felt much more emotionally able to embody what it means to be a parent and how to work with my partner to create the best environment to raise a family. Now with another child on the way, I feel much more sure-footed, as I know how to raise my children in a way that supports their growth, with lots of laughter and joy.

    Raphael Mosley / Visual Effects/Motion Graphics Artist
  • I've done a lot of workshops and retreats, but I have never seen such a committed group of individuals so willing to help each other out than I have at ESP. I've taken both the ESP Intensive and am now in Ethos, and I am truly loving it. I only wish i had done this work earlier. What I love even more than the classes is the community and support for achieving your goals.

    Zara Durrani / Television Host, Actress & Producer